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Our Photoshop photo masking services make sure that global standard output with highly skilled force at minimum cost that will help you to increase your sales and save big! We ensure both quality and quick turnaround with complete privacy of your intellectual property.


Photo masking is an excellent way to remove background from soft edges of images like human hair, furry clothes, doll etc. Sometimes masking technique is applied in combination with the clipping path technique to remove or replace the background of the image. Normally clipping path technique is used for hard edges and masking is used for the furry or soft edges.

We offer different types of masking services. Some of they are like the following:

Image masking refers to the process of eliminating the background of an image which has some sort of defect ranging from blurry or hairy edges. Image masking can be done in either of two ways. Initially, by using an image as a mask. The other form is using a region of interest as the mask. The regions of interest for each mask can be used to describe the mask. In the regions of interest toolkit, the masking can be done separately in a slice by slice basis.The simplest way of defining image masking is a way of applying something to a very specific portion of an image. There are two primary forms of masks. They are layer masks and clipping masks. A layer mask is something that you add to a layer to control the transparency. When a mask is added to a layer, it converts the entire thing with an invisible gray canvas. On that invisible canvas, you can paint any color you like. Clipping layer is also somewhat similar to layer masks where the only difference is they use one layer to sort out the transparency of that particular area.There are other two forms of masking that includes hard masking and soft masking. Hard masking refers to the point where the pixels affected by the masking process have their value set to the background value. The resulting intensity of the pixels, when is determined by the amount of pixels inside the region of interest is referred as soft masking. The transparency channel of an image is completely optional.While learning about photo masking, you should substitute the work mask for transparency in your mind because that is what it actually means in action. Not only image masking gives you a lot of flexibility, it also gives you the option to edit your images with far better precision.

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Image masking is the best technique to remove the background of images

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